Our Story


What does the name DF Mavens mean? It means that we are devotees
of all things dairy-free. But above all, we love dairy-free desserts.

Our story began when Malcolm Stogo, one of the world’s leading ice cream experts, got hooked on the idea of creating a non-dairy frozen dessert. At first Malcolm was dubious and baffled by something that was not dairy based (ice cream without cream?) but soon he realized that there was a lot to be said for a delicious dessert that everyone could eat—vegans, lactose intolerant, and those who simply loved the best tasting ice cream around. After years of testing and fine tuning Malcolm figured it out.

The journey resulting in DF MAVENS has been one of passion, dedication and obsession. Years have been spent combing the world for the finest and healthiest ingredients, relentlessly searching out every possible tip for every possible flavor and component. This journey has paid off! Now, as part of FAL FOODS WORLDWIDE family of companies, DF MAVENS is a non-dairy frozen dessert product that has no equal.

DF MAVENS is currently available in stores throughout the east coast, and will be available nationwide shortly. If you are vegan or lactose-intolerant, try our regular line. If you have diabetes or issues with blood sugar, try our no sugar added line. Pick up a pint and see for yourself. Trust us. One bite of our dessert and you will have the best dairy-free day of your life.

DF MAVENS is a brand of Fal Foods USA Inc – A Fal Foods Worldwide Company. Fal Foods is a subsidiary of an international conglomerate FAL GROUP which through its subsidiaries focuses on food, ice cream, coffee, and juice beverage manufacturing, restaurants, healthcare, technology, industrial, real estate, travel, and agriculture sectors. It’s global mission – “DEVELOP TOWARDS THE BEST” through varieties of investment to cover major sectors that help people improve their lifestyle in the global world community.

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